A Year of Commits

Some people have no problem being motivated to be excellent every single day. I am not one of those people. While I love what I do, I think I can do better. It is very easy to make excuses for why I have countless side projects around 20% completion. Maybe people believe me when I say “I just don’t have time right now.” or “I’ve just been slammed at work.”. Those excuses are bullshit. There are plenty of people with way more on their plate than I. That is why I want to embark on a new adventure – “A Year of Commits”.

For the next year, I will make at least 1 commit per day to a public repository on github. I am counting the commits by the day they are made, not they day they are merged in (in cases of public PRs).

Additionally, I will make 1 blog post per week. That’s 52 blog posts total counting this one (in case for some reason you don’t know how many weeks are in a year or whatever). It’s my first blog so who knows what will happen. Do people put pictures in blogs?

So who cares? Why would I go through the trouble of making this blog to exist alongside the gazillion other ones out there? Because I want to. I think it will be not only a great motivator for me but potentially provide some comic relief to any wandering interneters that happen to stumble upon this.